" I facilitate the navigation of a business through a successful transition into a sustainable future " ~ LDMF

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L.D. Maldonado Fonken

Transition Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Matrix-Q Knowledge & Technology: Multidisciplinary Researcher, Developer, and Innovator

Serial entrepreneur, explorer, traveler

Author, Artist, Work-Life Balance Trainer

" Your uniqueness is the solution to a challenge we are about to discover " ~ LDMF

Luis has been active as a consultant, coach, trainer, and trusted advisor for SMEs, Leaders, and Startups, in diverse industries: hospitality, technology, media, sustainable development, startups, health, and self-sufficient communities (since 1999).  Witnessing how to transition in times of uncertainty, and continuous change has become one of the leadership and strategic challenges of the century. Luis has invested knowledge (Matrix-Q) and resources to make available unique technology, services, and products to accelerate the learning curve of leaders and organizations, making them ready to navigate successfully the transition to a sustainable future.

Luis has made his life work of finding the holistic source code of nature and therefore life itself. His multidisciplinary background has helped him describe the code and make it accessible. (Matrix-Q Knowledge)

He traveled the world to test his work and found supporting material and networks. He continues his research on nature-inspired knowledge, technology, and societies of ancient cultures and civilizations. Creating a bridge between the past and the future of our current human civilization, with holistic wisdom, and principles of nature. (Matrix-Q Expeditions)

He is the producer of a holistic education system and entrepreneurship, a gamified and data-driven approach for accelerated learning, that elevates our holistic capacity, for purpose, service, and impact-driven leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs (Matrix-Q Akademia)

He authored the e-book collections in 2012 and 2017: " The I Ching Theta - The book of primordial changes, mathematics & archetypes", "The art of war, the art of peace, and the 9 elements of emotional self-management for leaders", "The indigo elephant", " The human-based engine, the human hologram, and quantum potentiality" (Matrix-Q e-Library, Matrix-Q Media) and "The 9 Capitals, or the 9 principles of holistic capitalism, or the 9 Economies of the ancient and modern world" (e-Learning programs)

He is living in the Netherlands since 2016 and is the founder of the Matrix-Q entrepreneurs' ecosystem (Matrix-Q Challenge), Innovator (Matrix-Q Tech), futurist (Matrix-Q Quantum Vision)

Quantum, and purpose-driven leadership coach. Facilitates gamified and holistic coaching and training since 1993. Facilitates (2022) navigation through a successful transition to a sustainable future for leaders, startups, business projects, communities, networks, cities, (co-)ownership take-overs, and recruiting of transition specialists for SMEs (Matrix-Q Human Capital)

Luis promotes a holistic lifestyle, as the foundation for work-life family balance, happiness at work, and enabling the process of unleashing human potential (personal development) (Matrix-Q Holistic Lifestyle Club) in which creativity and arts are utilized as an indirect path for personal growth, development of skills and acquisition of self-knowledge, fundamental for inner peace, empathy, adaptation. (Sun Dance Theta Arts School). Luis has a passion for the study of geometry, sound, working with emotions, and body awareness, and facilitates also workshops on dance improv, self-expression, and sound, in combination with playing the handpan. (Matrix-Q Sound Studio)

How does it work?


  1. Assessment(s) Session(s): Status
  2. We set goals, and transition needs
  3. Strategic Transition Process: We tailor-made the content of our services and products for you
  4. Upgrade business/organization systems, human capital skills, leadership knowledge, and tools
  5. Navigation: Transition process Implementation, organization, and deployment


Holistic Assessment (Matrix-Q Data-driven methodology) by a Matrix-Q Human Specialist.

We measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize your performance.

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Holistic Coaching for Leaders.

We upgrade your knowledge, skills, and tools. Tailor-made program.

With a gamified accelerated and holistic learning methodology

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Holistic navigation and self-orientation tools, for a successful transition

Holistic & Nature-Inspired Algorithms, and intelligent business systems

Matrix-Q Prediction Knowledge & Tools